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Ed Abbey: “You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.”


Rafa Rivas

Rafa Rivas

Do you sleep like a baby?

Do you sleep like a baby?

Do you toss ‘n turn, punch ‘n pound pillows all night, crave deep sleep like a log, an old dog, a baby…?


Mario Echevarria

Mario Echevarria

My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy, and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, over-head, clearly visible, with liberty from light, granting deep sleep for all.


Milky Way. Terrence Dickinson

Milky Way. Terrence Dickinson

Has the starry Milky Way vanished from view where you live, lost in the glare and glow of excessive light at night?

My Dark Sky Initiative, telescoped, magnified:

Two Intrusions:  Sleep Disruption, Light Pollution. One Solution.

Moonlight Revolution.  NLO!  Make It So!

YOU have the power to rescue ‘n restore deep sleep and starry nights!  Use It!

My story, Cygnus the Swan Saves the Milky Way, explains how.  Science may be powerful, but stories and storytelling stir the stew and are primordial, fundamental, radical.

Let Cygnus show you the way. Below is a summary of Cygnus’s story OR  jump to her story, here.

Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator)

Cygnus soars!

OCTOBER.  Cygnus and her family of trumpeter swans sail south along ancient migration flyways.

Cygnus encounters grave danger and a near-death experience.  She enters a deep sleep, has a life-altering dream, and explains to the children who rescue her how the Full Moon can save the Milky Way and solve a world-wide disruption to life at night — SLEEP DISRUPTION!

full moon reflectionThe children are wiled and beguiled by Cygnus’s dream-message. They persuade people to create a Moonlight Revolution, which goes viral, compelling humans to adopt Nature’s Lighting Ordinance, NLO. But not without intense pressure from the Powers-That-Be, the SOBs, Satans Of Brightness, aligned against Cygnus and the young people of the planet.

Cygnus awakes from her sleep, unaware she’s slept all winter, whilst world-wide the skies rapidly revert to near darkness as humans adopt NLO and Make It So!SleepingBaby

And as darker nights return, once again, people sleep like a baby,* out like a light!**

Cygnus’s family returns from their wintering grounds, ready to fly north, but first Cygnus must regain her flying prowess by soaring safely inside a large coliseum, then outdoors, delighting townsfolk.

Finally, surrounded by family and flock, Cygnus soars into the night sky – darkened due to the Moonlight Revolution and NLO - flying home beneath the soothing glow of Milky Way starlight.

* Thanks D.F. **Thanks D.C.

Two things you can do to help:  Send a friend who suffers sleep or star suppression my website, and watch the new National Geographic film, titled SLEEPLESS IN AMERICA, here.

Jump to Cygnus’s story, here.


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Get my FREE Star Wheel. Click to enlarge. G. V.

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