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Hi. I’m Stargeezer Jack.

I’m a dark sky kinda guy with eyes for starry skies!

CAUTION:   My starry sky views and values are controversial, salted with stew-stirring satire.
None of my words condone or sanction violence.  ENGAGE…
Updated:  Tuesday, 10-21-14

KISS! Keep It Simple, Stargazers!     Ask Questions!  Seek Answers!

Edward Abbey: “You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.”

Here’s a condensation, a conspectus, a summary ‘n synopsis, a terse, Tweet-y Bird version of my 60,000-word website in fewer than 60:


Got sleep?  Starlight?  No?

Too much blue light at night!

Fight the light that steals the night!

Solution:  Moonlight Revolution!

Make most lights mimic Full Moonlight.

Nature’s Lighting Ordinance — NLO!  Make It So!


Moonlight, all night, sleep tight.

Amber hue, not blue, sleep true.

Direct lights down to see what’s up!

My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, overhead, clearly visible, with liberty from light and dark skies for all.



Time to tack in a different direction.  Sleep’s now my prime focus; dark skies, secondary.

Ah, the universal z-z-z-zound of deep sleep!  Got sleep?  No?  Why not?   LIGHT!

Yes, light!  Especially sleep-slaying, star-stealing, blue-hued, LED lights!  And thousands of new ones are erected and turned on every night!

When was the last time you were tortured?  Think about it in terms of  SLEEP  AND  LIGHT!

Did you know that using light to deprive people of sleep IS torture? And it happens every night!  Millions more people are sleep-deprived, TORTURED, every night by excess light than by crime!  So, why do you allow corporate America’s lights and streetlights to torture you every single night!?  WHY?

SLEEP, not food, is third after AIR and WATER for sustaining life!  Please think about it!

Not all my website currently reflects that sleep is my prime focus, so please return as slowly I make it so.

All seven-plus billion of us humans require sleep.  Only a few million astronomers require dark night skies.

I know many more sleep-starved people than dark-starved astronomers!  You?    What’s the connection?


I can’t do astronomy anymore as my eyesight fades slowly to dark — Hmm, Dark Skies / Blindness…Ironic.

Our ancestors survived ‘n thrived - surthrived - in the dark, or we wouldn’t be here. Please reflect on that.

Do stars sleep? How about Sirius the Dog Star?  Do rocks sleep?  What, you’ve never heard of Bedrock?

Now you’re between a rock and a star-ed place, aren’t you?  Yuk, yuk, yuk!


We must transform starless, sleepless nights based on our irrational FEAR of the dark, to starry, sleepy nights based on NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance:  Sunlight by day.  Moonlight by night.  540nm.

Sleep matters!  Dark matter(s), too!  Be the first in your community, county, country to demand more dark and better sleep for all.

When was the last time you slept like a baby?   I thought so!

NLO!      Make It So!

But how, Stargeezer?   The Moon’s the tune, folks!  The Full Moon.

Here’s a beautiful video by Jennifer West and Ian Cameron.  It draws tears every time I watch it.   It’s message is clear:  Eliminate Lights That Desecrate Nights!  NLO!  Make It So!

CUE THE MUSIC MAN — Prof. Harold Hill:

Now, folks, either you’re closin’ your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge – sleeplessness – or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster indicated by sleep-stealin’ night light in your community.

Prof. Harold Hill The Music Man

Prof. Harold Hill
The Music Man

Weeeell, ya got trouble, my friends…right there, I say, trouble right there in your city. Trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for POOL-lution! Light pollution.

Why sure, I’m a lifelong stargazer, certainly; mighty proud, I say, I’m always mighty proud…

Read on to cure sleeplessness and save stars in your River City, or read all my version of Meredith Willson’s Ya Got Trouble

Now, folks, I know you care more about sleep than star-soaked skies, so let’s tone down light POOL-lution and sleep like a baby. The Moon’s the tune!

Light pollution (LP) is a chief thief of sleep and a symptom of Industrial Civilization, a deadly disease. It sacks sleep, steals starlight, causes cancer, kills critters, wastes $$$…

Where does Industrial Civilization lead? HERE.

Eliminating LP saves sleep, starlight, money, energy, and improves human and ecosystem health, etc.


Astronomers: Stop fleeing  to dark corners to observe!

Astronomers: Stop fleeing to dark corners to observe!

LP increases up to 6% per year, doubling every 12 years. Others’ attempts to eliminate LP are quixotic quests tilting at light-mills.

So, it’s up to you. Don’t run ‘n hide like Kochroaches when lights go on!  Stand ‘n fight!  All you have to lose is sleep and the Universe!

I fight LP as if sleep, starry skies, and life really matter.  You?

The essence of my bright solution to light pollution, my dark sky / deep sleep credo:

Eliminate Lights That Desecrate Nights

How, Stargeezer?   Adopt NLONature’s Lighting Ordinance.    NLO!    MAKE IT SO!

Whoa, there, pardner! Them’s tough words yer shootin’. What’s this “Eliminate Lights…” guff?

stickstakhartDon’t let your chaps lapse! Holster your sidearm, Charlatan!

Not all lights, just those that desecrate nights. Children can easily distinguish lights that do and don’t desecrate nights. Distinguish!  Extinguish!  Stick a stake through LP’s heart and restore sleep and stars!  Lights: when in doubt, turn ‘em out!

But Stargeezer, how do we start?     NLO!    MAKE IT SO!    

The Moon’s the tune!  The Full Moon!  And 540!  Stargeezer, what’s this 540…?

Shhhh… Perchance, glance at the Moon ‘n watch her dance. You’re feeling drowsy, sleeepy, verry sleeepy… In a trance…Let Diana en-trance you. Give Selene a sleep-inducing chance, watch her dance… Watch as she rocks ‘n rolls to the Moon’s tune. Why, Selene’s good enough to be Dancing With the Stars…Oops, I forgot, that’s what she does every night…much better’n that other dancing with the stars!

Or could those Lunar Librations be due to Lunar Libations?  Moonshine?  Hmm, just a thought…carry on.

NLO!   MAKE IT SO!   Nature’s Lighting Ordinance!  Nature’s Living Ordinance!  Sunlight by day, Moonlight by night, 540nm. Think of nm (nanometers) like inches (in), feet (ft), millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm)… Here’s a great explanation of 540nm.

Why do people (you?) suffer sleeplessness? One of many reasons: too many bright, wrong color, lights! We need to replace most of the bad and ugly lights with good lights, ones that reflect the qualities of moonlight.

There is a bright solution to light pollution:  I call it a MOONLIGHT REVOLUTION. Please help make it so.


How Stargeezer?  Consider the FULL MOON to be a revolution in nighttime lighting, the source of most future outdoor night light.

IMAGINE: Your community, county, country, continent bathed in the glow of lights that match ‘n mimic the full moon’s light.  The same light that all humans and all the Others on Earth have adapted to over millennia, light that does not interfere with sleep and other natural nighttime rhythms of life.

That’s NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance.   NLO!   Make it so!

Please watch three of David Fuller’s Eyes On The Sky videos, especially the DARK SKY FACTS segments (at 2:20 – 2:45, at 2:40 – 3:00, and at 2:07 – 2:20 minutes) here and here and here.

Thankfully, when me and my Spotty Dalmatian (from the song long ago, “Me and My Shadow…”) step outside during the nights of full moon, I don’t transform into a Werewolf and Spotty doesn’t become a Werehuman, whatever the Dickens, Abbey, and Twain Werehumans look like.

Did you know that you can read a book by the light of a full moon. Appropriately, I read a page from Paul Bogard’s wonderful book, The End of Night, by the light of August’s slightly less-than-full moon. Try it yourself during November’s full moon. I participated in an interview with Paul Bogard, Thursday, Aug. 14, on Iowa Public Radio. Please listen here.

The best time to see the full moon is around midnight when it’s high in the sky. How much light does it cast upon Earth?  Far less than most streetlights and business lights, the source of most light pollution and the cause of much sleeplessness.  Yet, the full moon’s light is more than enough to provide proper safety and security for people and property.  This is why full moonlight will ultimately become the solution to light pollution and sound sleep at night — NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance. NLO!  Make It So!

We must kick our outrageous night light habit — typically 30 to 100s of times brighter than the full moon — and adopt NLO. Doing so will improve sleep, provide safety and security for people and property, create jobs, confront global climate change, and restore the Milky Way to its bright, starry glory.

Humans must mature, progress, and see the light, moonlight, that is.  Remember, our ancestors surthrived for millennia with NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance, so…

full moon reflectionPlease help make it so.  NLO.  Reinvent nighttime lighting by 2020, and develop real 20/20 vision, not the near-blind vision we have now. Create a Moonlight Revolution.  The Moon’s The Tune!

The essence of my MOONLIGHT REVOLUTION: make most lights mimic, mime, ‘n mirror moonlight –  the full moon. Then we – and the Others who share Earth with us – will see the magnificent Milky Way as Nature intended and sleep like babies.

See, I said it’s the bright solution to light pollution. Simple isn’t it? Well, maybe not that simple, but it’s a lot simpler than other light pollution solutions being promoted. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stargazers!

You can incite a MOONLIGHT REVOLUTION where you live during any moonth’s [sic] full moon.

See what you’re missing living in large cities, under light polluted skies, unable to sleep at night: Thierry Cohen magically makes the world’s largest cities dark at night with his photography. Please, don’t wait until photos like Thierry’s are the only way left to see the cosmos over skyscrapers. Act now to save the stars!

More’s coming…  Please return.

Please read the first two parts of my short story, CYGNUS SAVES THE MILKY WAY, in which Cygnus explains NLO here.

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