Dark Sky Initiative

A Bright Solution to Light Pollution and Sleep Disruption

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Updated:  Monday, 11-30-15     Is it time to name names?    Anticipate change!

Ed Abbey: “You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.”

Please consider this:  No one ever changed the rules by following them!

Not much happens until a grassroots movement makes it happen!   So…


GOT SLEEP?  Do you toss ‘n turn?  Punch ‘n pound pillows all night?  Do you crave deep sleep like a log?  An old dog?  A baby?  Out like a light?

Like an old dog! Rafa Rivas

Sleep like an old dog  RRivas

Like a baby!

Z-z-z-zleep like a baby!

Out like a light!M. Echevarria

Out like a light!   M Echevarria


My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy, and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, over-head, clearly visible, with liberty from light and deep sleep for all.

Milky Way. Terrence Dickinson

Milky Way.     T. Dickinson

Vorrarit Anantsorrarak

Vorrarit Anantsorrarak

GOT STARLIGHT?  Has your Milky Way vanished from view, lost in the glare and glow of excessive light at night?   More than 75% of humans have never seen the Milky Way!

When people ask: “How can I eliminate lights that desecrate nights?” they’re really asking, “How can I eliminate lights… without changing my lifestyle?Few will alter their lifestyle (deathstyle?), but there is a way to suppress ‘n subdue light pollution.

KISS:  Keep It Simple Stargazers!  

My Dark Sky Initiative, telescoped and magnified:

Two Intrusions:  Light Pollution.  Sleep Disruption.

One Solution.  Moonlight Revolution (MR).  NLO!  Make It So!

NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance. Before the Industrial Revolution humans survived ‘n thrived–surthrived–with Nature’s Lights Only: sunlight, moonlight, starlight, auroral light, lightning, fire…  We can’t return to the GODs, the Good Old Days, those halcyon years of yore; but we can press forward with all possible dispatch…

We and Nature are remarkably clever. But before curiosity and cleverness do us in, let’s create a peerless lighting philosophy that respects all who live within, upon, above, around, beyond Earth.

MOONLIGHT REVOLUTION (MR): My solution, which is not lunacy, inspires and instructs people to

1. adopt NLO and incite a MOONLIGHT REVOLUTION (MR)

2. make most nighttime lights mimic the brightness of the Full Moon or dimmer. Moonlight all night, sleep tight!

3. use amber-colored lights (540 nanometers or greater) and temperature (2000 degrees Kelvin or less).  No blue-rich white LEDs!

4. direct most lights down to see what’s up!

Hey, you! Get a clue, take my cue, subdue blue. Make it taboo. Use amber hue in lieu of blue. Bid adieu to blue. Sleep true. View stars anew. Reject star-stealing, sleep-slaying, blue-hued, white LED lights! Thank you!

Please watch two favored videos. Consider how my MR and NLO will restore starlight.

Inspiring aren’t they?  Inspired enough to save the stars where you live?  Contact me.

How much light does the full moon spray on your neighborhood?  Weather permitting, witness NLO in action during December’s full moon, Thursday – Saturday, Dec. 24th – 26th.  Imagine your community bathed in Nature’s light, not the pervasive, excessively bright star-stealing, sleep-slaying LIGHT BOMBS.

My NLO, MR solution to light pollution isn’t perfect. All light pollution solutions are flawed.  But as of today no one has offered a better solution.  Can you?

CHALLENGE: dispute, discount, discredit NLO / MR.  Thoughtful + and - comments are welcome. Can you improve my solution?

Recently, I met one of my former students.  It’s an honor to remember memories. She described her group who gather monthly to enjoy the FULL MOON — the Just Right Amount of Light — a Monthly Moonlight Revolution!


Is this what we astronomers and stargazers have become?

Is this what we astronomers and stargazers have become?


Stop fleeing to dark corners when lights go on

Stop fleeing to dark corners when lights go on

Inertia!  Too many astronomers / nonastronomers bury their heads in the sand, giving up.  YOU?

We must find better solutions to light pollution. Will you help?

The only way we’ll know if any new and different solutions are working is to TRY THEM!  I’d rather fail trying then fail doing the same thing over and over and over…   INSANITY.  Think about that!

Light pollution increases 6% per year, doubling every 12 years!  YOU must stop the light blight. Don’t flee to dark corners like Kochroaches when the lights go on. Stand and fight!

If you can imagine change – NLO – you can Make It So!   BUT HOW STARGEEZERMAN?   HOW?

Ok, I’ve set the goal — NLO / Moonlight Revolution. Now, a plan ‘n path to that goal. But first, a story — Cygnus Saves the Milky Way. Science is powerful, but stories stir the stew, are primordial, fundamental, radical.

Let Cygnus show you the way. Below is a short summary of Cygnus’s story OR  jump to her story, here.

Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator)

Cygnus soars!

OCTOBER.  Cygnus and her family of trumpeter swans soar south for the winter, suffering a near-death experience. Cygnus is rescued by children, enters a deep sleep, and has a life-altering dream. She shares it with the children, who are wiled and beguiled by its message.

full moon reflectionThe children create a campaign to adopt  NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance and incite a Moonlight Revolution (MR). It goes viral, despite relentless attacks and attempts by the Powers-That-Be to stop it.

NLO and the MR succeed and prevail.  Cygnus awakes months later to a dramatically darker night sky. She regains her flying ability by soaring safely inside a large coliseum.

SleepingBabyHer family returns from their winter sanctuary.

Together they fly north, joyfully trumpeting dark, starry skies, enabling people to sleep like a baby, out like a light, off to the land of winkin’, blinkin’, and nod…

Please send friends my website and encourage them to adopt NLO.

Jump to Cygnus’s story, here.

When in doubt, turn lights out!  Remember, The Moon’s The Tune!


Get my FREE Star Wheel. Click to enlarge.     G. V.

Get my FREE Star Wheel. Click to enlarge. G. V.

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Please read, sign, and share, from favored writer, Derrick Jensen’s, website.  And a recent essay by Derrick defining the essence of our dilemma is here.

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What’s next?  NLO – Nature’s Lighting Ordinance.

My new website, titled EARTH ACHES! is here.