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Updated:  Friday, 05-22-15.

Ed Abbey: “You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.”

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SLEEP-STARVED? Toss ‘n turn? Punch ‘n pound pillows all night? Crave deep sleep like a log, an old dog, a baby? Out like a light?

Like an old dog! Rafa Rivas

Like an old dog! Rafa Rivas

Like a baby!

Like a baby!

Out like a light!M. Echevarria

Out like a light! M. Echevarria



My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy, and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, over-head, clearly visible, with liberty from light, granting deep sleep for all.

Milky Way. Terrence Dickinson

Milky Way.     T. Dickinson

STAR-STARVED? Has your Milky Way vanished from view, lost in the glare and glow of excessive light at night? More than 75% of humans have never seen the Milky Way!


My Dark Sky Initiative, telescoped and magnified:

Two Intrusions:  Sleep Disruption, Light Pollution.

One Solution.  Moonlight Revolution.  NLO!  Make It So!

NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance: Before the Industrial Revolution humans survived and thrived - surthrived – with Nature’s Lights Only – moonlight, starlight, auroral light, fire… Nature, including us, is remarkably clever.  But before our cleverness does us in, let’s consider combining our’s with Nature’s to create a peerless lighting philosophy that respects all who live within, upon, above, around, beyond Earth.

MOONLIGHT REVOLUTION: My solution, which is NOT lunacy, inspires and instructs people to

1. adopt NLO

2. make most nighttime lights mimic the brightness of the Full Moon or dimmer.

3. use warm, appropriate color (amber) lights (540 nm or greater) and temperature (2000K or less)

4. direct most lights down, to see what’s up!

How much light does the full moon spray on your neighborhood?  Weather permitting, go outside during June’s full moon (1st – 3rd) and witness NLO in action! Imagine your community bathed in Nature’s light — full moonlight — not the pervasive, excessively bright LIGHT BOMBS that steal starlight and sleep.

If you can imagine change, you can MAKE IT SO!

YOU have the power to rescue ‘n restore deep sleep and starry nights!  Please use It!

Light lovers, light blighters, star-stealers, hate me!

Light haters, light fighters, star-stewards, love me!

My story, Cygnus the Swan Saves the Milky Way, explains how.  Science is powerful, but stories stir the stew and are primordial, fundamental, radical.

Let Cygnus show you the way. Below is a summary of Cygnus’s story OR  jump to her story, here.

Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator)

Cygnus soars!

OCTOBER.  Cygnus and her family of trumpeter swans sail south for the winter, suffering a near-death experience. Cygnus is rescued by children, enters a deep sleep, and has a life-altering dream. She shares it with the children, who are wiled and beguiled by its message.

full moon reflectionThe children create a campaign to incite a Moonlight Revolution (MR) and adopt NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance. It goes viral, despite relentless attacks and attempts by the Powers-That-Be to stop it.

NLO and the MR - the solution to sleep disruption and light pollution – succeed and prevail.  Cygnus awakes months later to a dramatically darker night sky and regains her flying ability by soaring safely inside a large coliseum, then outdoors.

SleepingBabyHer family returns from their winter sanctuary.

Together they fly north, joyfully trumpeting dark, starry skies, enabling people to sleep like a baby, out like a light.

Send a friend my website and encourage them to adopt NLO.

Jump to Cygnus’s story, here.

My new website, titled EARTH ACHES! is here.


Get my FREE Star Wheel. Click to enlarge.     G. V.

Get my FREE Star Wheel. Click to enlarge. G. V.

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Please read, sign, and share, from favored writer, Derrick Jensen’s, website.

And a recent essay by Derrick defining the essence of our dilemma is here.

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NLO  Nature’s Lighting Ordinance.




This is not about sleep disruption or light pollution, but it’s a very important issue to me.

Oops!  Tuesday, 5-19-15: Santa Barbara, CA, pipeline spill!

Wednesday, 5-6-2015.  North Dakota Town Evacuated Following Fiery Oil Train Derailment!

Map of Bakken Crude pipeline route across Iowa

Map of Bakken Crude pipeline route across Iowa

It’s about a pipeline that will flush fracked Bakken Crude oil (tight oil), from North Dakota diagonally across Iowa.  It’s about Kelcy Warren, a Texass billionaire and his company, Energy Transfer Partners, and lies about the jobs it will NOT create.

If you live beyond the borders of Iowa — already the most environmentally altered state in the US of A — you probably don’t know that this pipeline will cross 18 counties and most of the state’s major rivers, which are already poisoned with Big Ag’s pollution.

Bakken Crude.  'Sall Goood Jobs!  Jobs!  Jobs!

Bakken Crude. ‘Sall Goooood
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Recently, I attended a presentation by former legislator and dedicated activist, Ed Fallon, who’s walking the route of this proposed pipeline to persuade Iowans to stop this travesty in its tracks, err, trench. A link to his blog is below.

The pipeline will carry about 570,000 barrels (55 gallons per barrel) of toxic crude per day. Do the math: that’s more than 31 MILLION gallons flowing through Iowa daily, 10 times the human population!

Pipelines leak!  Warren’s pipeline will leak!  Count on it! And Iowa’s soil is alive, a living, breathing entity, even if you can not see it!

The only questions are: When will it leak? How much will it leak? Who will clean up the mess?

PipelineTapeAnd it won’t matter how many condom-like layers wrap that big, hard, 350-mile-long, 30-inch-wide pipe penetrating Iowa. Condoms, like pipelines, leak!  And Kelcy’s Condom Wrap won’t protect Iowa’s precious soil and water from hot, sticky, gooey, black ejaculations, err, leaks!

ABORT!  ABORT! Stop the pipeline before it rapes our precious soil and water!

DID YOU KNOW?  In just one 16th month period during 2013-2014, “there were 372 oil and gas pipeline leaks, spills, and other incidents, leading to 20 deaths, 117 injuries, and more than $256 million in damages,” nearly one leak per day!

Here’s a short (90 second) video from the Center for Biological Diversity, showing 8,700 significant U.S. pipeline leak incidents since 1986 (more than 300 per year!), involving death, injury, and economic and environmental damage! Even here in flyoverland, Iowa!

Still not convinced? Please read this list of pipeline accidents (Oops!) in the U.S. since 2000.

Would they build a pipeline in their own backyards knowing it would leak.  They will yours!

Would they build a pipeline in their own backyards knowing it would leak? They will yours! Nevada, IA, Journal

Warren’s Iowa pipeline will leak too.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – the standard mantra chanted by the corporatized Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA).  But they don’t tell you that the jobs will be few and temporary, fewer than 25 permanent, full time jobs!

Sad. So many people (sheeple?) vote against their own best interests, giving more $$$ to the already wealthy!  I am not anti-union, but I am anti-ignorance and stupidity!  And YES, I DO know what it’s like to be poor and without a job!

For most of my working years I was a union member and I believe in unions; but the unions of today are far, far removed from those of yesteryear, all but destroyed by Powers-That-Be!  Sadly, most of the men in this photo are too young to know what a real union looks like.

And ever since the Civil War, the competition for jobs across the country (the Rust Belt -vs- the Sun Belt) has helped kill unions and jobs. And in too many instances union members gave too many concessions to business / corps and voted against their own interests.

This clash between Big Oil (Kelsy Warren and his pipeline company) and the unions is just one more nail in the coffin. All of this and more is available to union members to learn, but they will have to do the hard work of asking questions, seeking answers, something they’ve not done historically!

If this pipeline is built, Iowa’s water, soil, and people will be Texas Toast, dead-center in the crosshairs of this Tex-assassin’s American Sniper riflescope; and like all snipers, Warren WILL pull the trigger and not feel a twitch of remorse!

Whit Richardson

Whit Richardson

The Wall Street Journal, big business’s buybull, rated Kelcy 4th out of the top 10 world’s biggest spenders in 2010 when he bought the 3,500 acre BootJack (Jackboot?) Ranch in southwestern Colorado for more than 46 million buckaroos!

Ooo-Eeeee! That’s one big Ol’ Texass-sized land grab, 22 times bigger’n many, hard-workin’ Iowa Family Farmers’ tiny property!  And gosh-darn it, it’s more’n 360 times the value of my own little chunk o’ real estate, house, and yard. Why, Kelcy’s house alone — his mountain ‘n meadow mansion — has nearly 14,000 square feet, 14 of my humble homes combined!

Ooo-eeeee!  Late night Swim with Full Moon 'n everything!

Ooo-eeeee! Late night Swim with Full Moon risin’!

There’s a 12,000 square foot glass lodge on the property, too, with a retractable roof for swimmin’ and other upscale spa activities.  MMmmmm, Mmmmm, mmm!

Southfork Ranch Flickr   Michael Fitzgerald

Southfork Ranch
Flickr Michael Fitzgerald

Why, not even ol’ J.R. Ewing and his Southfork Ranch in Dallass, Texass, can compete with that!

Kelcy’s warren of wascally wabbits are runnin’ wild, propagatin’ like rabbits (hey, it’s springtime in Iowa!) along the pipeline path, grabbin’ up land, gettin’er surveyed up, and callin’ some landowners six times a day to grab their land for chump change, peasant pay, so’s he can supersize his massive mountain manor!

And here’s a quote from Ed’s walk blog, day 38: “I wonder if Kelcy Warren, the billionaire who owns Dakota Access, is also a dedicated, determined man. He certainly is pulling out all the stops in his determination to build a pipeline. But I wonder what kind of moral compass he has? Does he even have a moral compass? If he did, how could he justify taking people’s land against their will merely to become even richer? Does he care about the water, the land, the planet? Or is his sole (soul?) dedication to money, power and oil?

And another quote from Ed’s blog, day 37:  The woman went on to tell me, “One example of how nasty these people are was when they went into a nursing home and harassed an older lady to let them survey. The staff had to ask them to leave! True to form for ‘big oil’ and their money.”

And by golly, if Ol’ Kelcy can’t get your land by hook, he’ll just turn to crook with the threat of Eminent Domain, despite the few Iowa legislators hard at it in Iowa’s Capitol building in Des Moines trying to pass a bill to make that illegal.

The fracking boom is about to go bust! Wake up Americans! / Iowans! Drilling rigs in North Dakota are being torn down, leaving the state, and once most are gone, the whole western third of North Dakota will look like wasteland (and no, it was NOT wasteland afore the oil companies came!). BIG OIL / GAS will do nothing to clean up their messes!

Iowans:  You need to think VERY carefully about the issues involved here! It’s not just about money!

Landowners along the proposed route:  You need to think VERY carefully before you accept blood money for your precious land!

There’s NOT enough money in the universe to coerce me and mine to sell farm land for a few measly $$$$!

Please press forward with all possible dispatch and help us stop this pipeline from pricking it’s way across some of the world’s most productive soil. Want to help stop the pipeline? Please visit these websites:

No Bakken Pipeline.

No Bakken Facebook Page.

No Bakken Here Facebook Page.

Ed Fallon’s Great Iowa Pipeline Walk and blog.