Dark Sky Initiative

A Bright Solution to Light Pollution

LEDs: Not the Answer to Eye and Environmentally Friendly Lighting

The following is a post provided by a fellow amateur astronomer, Francis Parnell, an uncompromising, true-blue, light-blight fighter.

While LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are quickly becoming the way to light the 21st century, research has shown that there’s a “dark side” to this new type of lighting.

Due to their present design, the popular 3000K to 6500K (Kelvin) LEDs that are being installed all across the country are causing many problems because this White Light (Blue-Rich White Light) is loaded with short wavelength blue and green light, which have much higher environmental impacts.  These short wavelengths are detrimental to us, nocturnal mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and...

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Eliminate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, April 22, 2014, forty-four years after the first Earth Day in 1970.

It was a Big Deal, as I  recall, but I was a naive youth of 27. Now I’m 71 and Earth Day is all but dead, at least as far as I’m concerned (and many others who don’t live on an Isle of Denial).

Obviously, the Govs / Corps won the war, owning Earth’s ore and oil, lock, rock, and barrel. Worse, 44 years of Earth Day events changed nothing. Is Earth better off now than 44 years ago?  NO!  If you believe otherwise, you’re living on your Isle of Denial and likely believe another 44 years of Earth Day events will make things all better. Read a controversial

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Anniversary and Passings

Originally on Home Page: Tuesday, 1-28-14.

ChallengerExplToday, Jan. 28th, is the 28th anniversary of an event that had a profound, life-altering impact on my life, the loss of Space Shuttle Challenger and crew on a bright, sunshiny, cold, Florida morning.

The last words heard from Challenger that morning were, “Roger, go at full throttle-up!”  Crista McAuliffe, the Teacher in Space, was one of 11,000...

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Starlight -vs- Streetlight

A Letter I Received Recently From A NONastronomer:

Hubble-UranusAll you astrologers, er, astronomers, want is dark skies soaked with stars!  You Dark Sky Guys are all alike!

We hear you out there in the dark, shouting, every night: “The light’s too bright!  The light’s too bright!  It’s never dark enough!  Never, ever dark enough!”

Well, Head’s Up Uranus, asstronomers!

Just what do you star-geeks do out there in...

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Cure The Disease

pillsdisIf you have chronic health issues, you know that if you ingest, infuse, inhale, instill, or inject one medication it’ll likely lead to another and another and another, all “designed” to relieve the original symptoms — plus the “new” symptoms created by the new...

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Progress Or Progress?

Prog:ChagChange is everywhere. Progress is rare.” Anonymous.  The essence of life is change, which, we’re told, leads to progress.  But there are two types of progress — phony and real.

Phony progress, which is common and based on technology and...

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