Dark Sky Initiative

A Bright Solution to Light Pollution

Open Letter to Astronomical League and Astronomical Society of the Pacific Members

Last Changed:  Sunday, 10-27-13

The Truth Hurts…

Hi.  I’m Stargeezer Jack, a lifelong amateur astronomer and dark sky kinda guy; a retired astronomy teacher with eyes for dark skies, from Ames, Iowa.  Thank you for reading my letter and website.

Light pollution waxes, dark skies wane. The truth hurts. Question is, what will you do about it?

Will you flee like a cockroach to dark corners to observe, or stand and fight for dark skies?

Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The darksky.orgs and astromagazines fail to lessen light pollution because their basic assumption–light...

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Last Changed: Saturday, 4-26-14

MWillsonIn the mid-1950s, playwright and composer Meredith Willson, wrote a musical called THE MUSIC MAN. It played on Broadway beginning in 1957, won five Tony awards, and became a classic movie in 1962. ‘Twas about a traveling salesman (Professor Harold Hill) and life in a small Iowa town, River City, in the early 1900s.

Turns out, River City is...

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The Culture of Destruction

We live in a culture of destruction. We are addicted to it. It is destroying Earth, our only home, for the sake of profit and $$$$. Both Oblahblahblahma and Mutt Ro-money, and their handlers and believers are committed to it. But deep down inside, most of us know this culture is killing us and Earth.

Still, we are so deeply addled and addicted to it and all the possessions that keep it alive, that we are unwilling to free ourselves from it and kill it. If we are to survive our extinction, we must live in a culture where Earth Is...

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Light Pollution Delusions


Edward Abbey: “Society is like a stew. If you don’t stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top.”

It’s time to stir some stew and end our light pollution delusions!

For more than 20 years astronomers have sought the solution to light pollution.

Oh, yes, I know, we’ve won a few bantam bouts ‘n battles here and there over the years, but… Tell me, what...

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Three Big Questions

Cartoon by J. Best
Circa 1947. I was about four years old.

One day I asked my mother, “Mommy, can I dig a hole in the backyard?”

She responded like many mothers in those days: “You wait till your father gets home!”

Well, actually, she didn’t say that; but, yes, many mothers did, and rarely with a pleasant, positive voice.

And so it began. With shovel taller’n me in hand, I set out on this grand expedition to dig...

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No More Big Rewrites…

Remember those Good Old Days (GODs)?

Johnny Carson delivered one liners, we laughed ‘n slowly slipped into slumber.

Johnny was one of very few people who made me laugh out loud. He still does.

Carnac the Magnificent. Johnny, turbaned ‘n caped., tripping onto the stage.

Alas, all too soon, Ed announced, “I hold in my hand the last envelope,” and the audience roared with hurrays, hurrahs, huzzahs, roots...

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