Dark Sky Initiative

A Bright Solution to Light Pollution


MAGNIFICATIONS is an incomplete list of authors and websites, people who have magnified my thinking, and which, if you seek and access them, may likewise magnify yours.

MY house is loaded with books. I consider myself a bookbee, not a bookworm. To me, a bee, more accurately than a worm, describes and defines a bibliophile like me; but unlike many bibliophiles, I love books for their content, not their bindings, print, etc.

THINK about it: bookworm or bookbee. Which would you rather be? Me? A bee.

My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy, and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, overhead, clearly visible, with liberty from bright light for all.

HOPEFULLY, you might find some of my books and other magnifications, well, magnifying, instructive, and interesting. I read daily — striving to complete at least 52 books a year (so many books, so little time) — and look at a few favored websites daily, but spend little time messing about on the internet.

IF you have an author or website I might add to my magnifications, please send it to me. Those with asterisks (stars?) in front of their names are among my most favored writers. My favorite writer / scribbler, coincidentally, is the first author on my list….

*Abbey, Edward

*Abram, David

Atwood, Margaret

Austin, Mary

*Joe Bageant

*Bass, Rick

*Berry, Wendell

*Bown, T. M.

Bradbury, Ray

Brown, Dee

*Carson, Rachel

*Childs, Craig

Clarke, Brian

Darwin, Charles

*De Cleyre, Voltairine

Diamond, Stanley

Dillard, Annie

Ehrlich, Gretel

Farmer, Jared

Ferris, Timothy

*Fiore, Mark

Flannery, Tim

*Forbes, Jack D.

Glendinning, Chellis

Goldman, Emma

Goldpaint, Brad

Gould, Stephen Jay

Gruchow, Paul

Griffiths, Jay

Guthrie, A. B.

Hay, John

Heat-Moon, William Least

*Hedges, Chris

Hinchman, Hannah

Irvine, Amy

Jeffers, Robinson

*Jensen, Derrick

*Keith, Lierre

*Kerasote, Ted

*Kingsolver, Barbara

Kirby, David

*Krutch, Joseph Wood

Kunstler, James H.

*LaDuke, Winona

Lee, Katie

*Leopold, Aldo

*London, Jack (The Iron Heel)

*Lopez, Barry

*Louv, Richard

*Mander, Jerry

*Manes, Christopher

*Manning, Richard

Marsh, George Perkins

Marshall, Joseph M III

Matthiesson, Peter

*Meloy, Ellen

Mencken, H. L.

McKibben, Bill

McLaughlin, Andrew

*McPhee, John

*McPherson, Guy

Meyer, Stephen

*Momaday, N. Scott

*Moore, Kathleen Dean

Moore, Michael

Muir, John

*Naess, Arne

Nash, Roderick

Nelson, Melissa (Editor)

Nichols, John Treadwell

O’Meara, Stephen James

*Orwell, George

Palast, Greg

*Peacock, Doug

Peltier, Leslie

*Pollan, Michael

Porter, Eliot

*Powell, John Wesley

Purchase, Graham

Quammen, David

*Rall, Ted

Rampton, Sheldon & Stauber, John

Raymo, Chet

Ralston, Aron

Rezendes, Paul

Safina, Carl

*Sagan, Carl & Ann Druyan

Scully, Mathew

Sessions, George

*Shepard, Paul

*Snyder, Gary

Sojourner, Mary

*Steinbeck, John

*Stegner, Wallace

Stolzenberg, William

Stone, I. F.

*Rivera Sun

Suzuki, David

Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall

*Thoreau, Henry David

*Turner, Jack

*Twain, Mark

*George V (not his/her real name)

*Vonnegut, Kurt

Williams, Joy

*Williams, Terry Tempest

Wilson, E.O.

Zaslow, Jeffrey

*Zinn, Howard

*Zwinger, Ann

WEBSITES (click on the links below):

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Earth Science Picture of the Day
Nature Bats Last Blog by Guy McPherson.
MAN a video by Steve Cutts
A very interesting interview with two of my favored writers: Derrick Jensen and Chris Hedges is here.
Goldpaint Photography. Brad Goldpaint, astrophotographer and passionate advocate for starry skies
One Star At A Time. This website is extraordinary! Please participate and help save the Milky Way.
Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting
Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition
Earth Hour
Popular Resistance  A go to site for movement news and resistance to the system. As I say: Kill the System! Free the People! Sign up for the daily newsletter and get lots of real news every day!
Common Dreams This website is essential. More articles than I could ever read. And most / many of the readers are just as opposed to the Demonrats as they are to the Rethuglicans. If you’re an Obama-bot, he does not fare well here. It’s the SYSTEM, stupid!
Ted Rall, cartoonist.
Mark Fiore, cartoonist
The Onion What a hoot!
Derrick Jensen
Please watch this video!
Deep Green Resistance
Wallace Global Fund
Wild Ethics