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Get my One-of-a-kind Star Wheel FREE.

How dark is your sky?  Remember: KISS! Keep It Simple, Stargazers!

My two easy-to-use dark sky scales will show you how dark it is:

My 5-STAR SCALE movie reviewers use  OR  my 5-GRADE SCALE (A – F) teachers use.

My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy, and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, overhead, clearly visible, with liberty from bright light for all.

You’ll need a clear, moonless night where most of the sky is visible, and 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Go outside at least 90 minutes after sunset or before sunrise.

Step 2: Look up, scan the sky for a few minutes, soaking up starlight. Estimate how many stars you see – 10, 100, 1000, zillions. Remember: KISS!

Step 3: Use the 5 categories below to rate your sky’s darkness.

This view is locked in your DNA. Your ancient ancestors saw similar views  Do you?  Miloslav Druckmuller

This view is locked in your DNA. Your ancient ancestors saw similar views. Do you? Miloslav Druckmuller


5-star, Grade A sky:  Zillions of stars.  Milky Way horizon to horizon. No light pollution (LP) visible. This view’s locked in your DNA. Your ancient ancestors saw it every clear, moonless night!  Do you?  Adopt NLO, Make It So!


4-star, Grade B sky:  Hundreds of stars and a hint of the Milky Way. LP’s seeping into your sky, stealing starlight!  ADOPT NLO!  Make It So!


3-star, Grade C sky:  Dozens to 100. Milky Way invisible. LP infecting your sky! ADOPT NLO! MAKE IT SO!


2-star, Grade D sky:  Several dozen stars visible. No Milky Way. Severe LP. Your nighttime sky’s crying, dying.  ADOPT NLO!  MAKE IT SO, NOW!!


1-star, Grade F sky:  0 – 25 stars visible. No Milky Way. Intolerable LP! Your sky’s dead, Jim! D-E-A-D!  There’s little you can do to rescue it, but perhaps there’s a sky nearby worth fighting for, worth saving. ADOPT NLO!  MAKE IT SO!!


To make your estimate more detailed use tenths of a star or plus and minus. Example:  3.7 star sky, grade B-

Restoring a 5-star, Grade A sky worldwide is likely impossible, unless Earth steps up and whacks us and civilization into oblivion. No one wants that to happen, but we humans are forcing Earth to act.

Let’s aim to reclaim a 4-star, Grade B, sky and preserve Grade A, 5-star skies where they now exist. ADOPT NLO, MAKE IT SO!


My STAR WHEEL is unique.  Unlike almost all other sky maps it does not show the constellations horribly distorted near the horizon, the edge of the wheel.  How?  Oh, no, I’ll not tell.  But you can figure it out yourself.  Use your head for more’n a place to grow hair and think, think, think…  The answer is incredibly simple, as in KISS: Keep It Simple Stargazers!

Do you have a night sky map?  A real map, not one of those goofy apps on a tiny screen.

May I send you my FREE Sky Lights Star Wheel?

My sky map’s printed on paper. I created it in 1990 and have used it with thousands of students for nigh on 25 years.

Some students still have it – wrinkled, crinkled, sprinkled, smudged and trudged.  Occasionally, they ask for a new one! WOW!

It works for anyone living between 30-50 degrees North Latitude. If you must, use your GPS to tell you where you are.

I always know where I am. I’m right here. I never, ever get lost!

I don’t have a GPS, no cell-, i-, smart-, android- or any other kind of phony phone, just one of those ancient, wired thingamabobs hanging on the wall. No, it’s not rotary or crank!

Humans: forget all your phony, fake, false, foolish teek-now-lo-gee and get back in touch with Earth and Sky!

Just email me your name and address (I won’t keep or share it). I’ll include the cost of shipping (usually $5 -$6) inside the package, and you can return that amount to me, OK?

Sunny Days!  Starry Nights!

Jack Troeger  aka Stargeezer Jack, Dark Sky Guy, Dark Sky Knight.