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Extinction Button?

Last Changed:  Thursday, 09-10-15.




Now, please don’t get your Knickers in a Knot, and please take this page with the humor in which it’s intended but think about what I’m saying:

Years ago a dream in vivid color flooded my subconscious and invaded my sleep.  An anonymous someone placed the BIG X BUTTON, the extinction button, like the one below,  in my hand.

When pressed, the button would automatically extirpate and extinguish one species, Homo sapiens sapiens, Homosap’s.

BINK!  Gone!

It’s a big shiny, red button (all my dreams are in color), with an X imprinted on it.

Would I push it?   Would you?

Years ago, I wouldn’t even think of looking at such a button placed in my hand, let alone touch it. As time has passed, however, and we Homosap’s continue to dominate and disrupt Earth for the sake of a few more $$$$$, I think about it.  Now, I look at the button in my mind, and wonder…

And what would I do if someone actually placed a real extinction button in my hand? I would be tempted! Why?  When I look about Earth and Cosmos, at what we Homo sap’s have done, are doing, and will continue to do — I see no sign or signal that we are going to change our ways (light pollution increases, sleep disruption increases!) anytime soon! Yes, I AM tempted.  The sudden EXTINCTION of Homosap’s would put an end to Earth’s misery, torture, pain, suffering, all of which She must endure with us onboard.  People reply: but Stargeezer, how presumptuous, pretentious, arrogant, egotistical, insolent, imperious of you to think such thoughts, let alone make it so!?

I don’t.  It’s not my job, my task, my mission, millstone, burden or responsibility…  The task of EXTINCTION lies with Earth and Cosmos, not me.  Earth decides which species and when.  But, Earth IS watching, taking notes, noticing what we Homosap’s are doing every second of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, here, there, everywhere.  And Earth knows HOW to do what WILL be done, sooner or later.  How do I know?  More than 90% of all the species who have ever lived on this planet are gone, EXTINCT!!  As a boy I used to collect fossils of many of those now-extinct critters, the silent remains of life forms from long, long ago, now gone!  Soooo…

What would you do?  WHAT – WOULD – YOU – DO??


Did you click it?  Go ahead, click it, Click it as many times as you wish or need to click it.

As far as I know, not even Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., has “wired” it to report and store your clicks in Bluffdale, Utah, (Google it! Of course, know this: your doing so will be recorded, stored, and kept forever in Bluffdale!) though who knows nowadays what the vast corporatized Surveillance boys ‘n girls are up to…

And now the BIG TECH boys ‘n girls are hard at it gettin’ another one of these “data storage sites (units?)” built right here in good ol’ Ioway!  Yep, out here in Fly-Over Territory, land of nothing but phony corn ‘n beans ‘n hogs ‘n… well, nothing…

Iowa, the single most environmentally altered state in the good ol’ Grand Manifest Destiny-d US of A!  Only one-tenth of one percent of Iowa is as it once was, native natural prairie, few forests, clean, drinkable water, clean, breathable air…  Ah, but then the Big Corps, Big Ag boys, et al., came here and F’d it up… Fouled and Fowled it up!

And as of 08-01-15, an estimated 48 million chickens and turkeys have been EUTHANIZED – what a wonderful euphemism that is! – in nearly 20 counties in Iowa suffering outbreaks of the Avian Flu in BIG CHICKEN factories, most in NW Iowa, Stevie King (Rethuglican) Territory.  That’s 48 million egg-producing chickens and turkeys (units?) slaughtered due to the disease!  Hey, but they’s only cheeekins ‘n turkeys, right?!  And remember, there are ONLY 3 million humans, HOMOSAP’S, in Iowa!

Oh, and as fall 2015 approaches, the threat of another outbreak of the Avian Flu fills the air.  Of course, USDA Big Boy, former Iowa Goobner, Tom Vilslacker (D), and the other politicians(?) in Iowa, Steve the King (R), Chuckles the Clown Grassley (R), etc., are sure that “Big AG! and the Farm Bureau have everything under control!”

Nothing will happen to you if you click the Extinction Button. Or will it?  I’ve not been cuffed, stuffed, and GIZMO’d, at least not as of 09-01-2015. Go ahead, click it! Click it before you scroll beyond it!  No one will be extinct…at least, not yet…

There, didn’t that make you feel better? Go ahead, click again, as many times as you need to.

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