Dark Sky Initiative

A Bright Solution to Light Pollution

Lights ‘n Security

Last Changed:  Thursday, 09-10-15.

Contrary to what you think, nighttime lighting is NOT about security, human or otherwise.

Outdoor nighttime lighting is about men, the Dominant Male in Patriarchal civilization!

The erection and turning on of nighttime lighting is really about answering this question: “Who’s got the BIGGEST… (and brightest?) outdoor nighttime lights?”  Why, businessMEN, of course. We gotta keep the Corps (corporations) alive, don’t we? And yes, that’s why I choose to use the bloody word, erection.

AutoDealershipLightsBusinessMEN fight endless light wars (competing concentrations of male-owned auto dealerships), constantly trying to erect brighter, taller, bigger lights, bulbs, fixtures, to display their rapacious need for dominance and control!

But, cars are symbols of masculinity, domination, control.  Just sayin’.

And of course, during all these endless light wars, sleep is never considered important.  Light warriors want as much light as they can get, so sleep is of no concern!

Very little nighttime light has anything to do with safety and security.  Most lighting is thoughtless, senseless, useless, careless, reckless, feckless, frivolous, defenseless promotional corporate and business advertising – light that contaminates night.


SecurityLIghtsNEWLots of security and safety here, eh? Of course the neocons and neoliberals gotta keep their property safe from those pesky dark sky zealots, too, those astrologers, er, astronomers, and their dark sky dictums.

Most nighttime lighting in America creates little safety or security for you or your property!

Most nighttime lighting is light-minded, light-headed, empty-headed, feather-brained, hare-brained, scatter-brained, poorly-aimed, petty, pointless, ruthless, willful, wanton, wayward, wasteful light that promotes and advertises, increasing the cost of every product you purchase.

Yes, you pay the SOBs (Satans Of Brightness) $$$$ every time you buy one of their products to pay their light bills!

Most commercial lighting is wasteful. It’s about decoration, showing the world how wealthy we are. A few, small, very carefully aimed lights would secure most businesses.

Consider your local Mal-Wart’s – my generic name for Big Box stores (BIG BOXERS) – all night light blight.

light-pollutionI could tell you how to fight the BIG BOXERS, but few of you would likely step up to do the legal, simple deeds that wouldn’t get you arrested or jailed, and would drive BIG BOXERS berserk. You could do the deeds all day and night, alone, secretly, anonymously…and none of these deeds are about laws, ordinances, fixing fixtures, etc.

Interested? Most likely not. Perhaps it’s easier to consume cheap stuff from China, a Communist country, you know!  Gotta keep the GOD philosophy alive, the Grow Or Die lifestyle of bigger is better, more is best, chuggin’ down the tracks!

The current dark sky org wishin’, hopin’, prayin’ placeboes, Isle of Denial delusions, lies, and compromise are based on the false assumption that we must keep The System, the corps alive and well, running at full throttle-up.

Edward Abbey wrote: “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”

TerrenceDMilkyWayNature intended the night to be dark, sans light.

No wonder we few who Jack Hammer must hammer so hard for dark skies whilst the crony capitalist cult and pseudo-pat-triotic ‘Mericans can’t, don’t, won’t think deep enough to realize how much the Crapitalust Dictator-ship of Fools we live in hurts us all.

Again: most nighttime lighting in America creates no safety or security for you or your property!


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