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A Bright Solution to Light Pollution



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Edward Abbey, my favorite scribbler / author, wrote in the Preface to what he called the “terminal” edition (University of Arizona Press, 1988) of my favorite book, Desert Solitaire:

“Nobody particularly enjoys the role of troublemaker. But when most writers (astronomers) are unwilling to take chances, afraid to stick their necks out on any issue, then a few have to take on the burden of all and do more than their share.”

And here’s another of Ol’ Cactus Ed’s many comments on life, my favorite:  “Society is like a stew. If you don’t stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top.”  That’s why I’m a stew-stirrin’ kinda guy!

I do not enjoy being a troublemaker!  A nuisance, perhaps, to the Powers-That-Be, those whose purpose in life is based on $$$, greed, the accumulation of wealth, and the power to dominate Earth and Universe – all who live within, upon, above, around, and beyond Earth!  People(?) like the soulless Koch-o-nuts and the Trumpsterboy who spend every waking (and sleeping) moment destroying Earth for the sake of more $$$$!

My Jack Hammering makes me a pariah amongst some astronomers and the dark sky org / astromagazine galaxy and others.  So be it!

I crave solitude, number five on my list of life’s essentials: 1. air,  2. water,  3. sleep,  4. food-shelter-clothing, 5. solitude… No wonder Desert Solitaire is my favorite book.

Well at least it was only a few seconds of artificial Homosap'n light!  Royce Bair

Well, at least it was only a few seconds of artificial Homosap’n light! Nature’s Lighting Ordinance, folks, NLO!! Royce Bair

Here’s a quote from Episodes and Visions, a chapter in Desert Solitaire, full of good old-fashioned, cranky, Cactus Ed’s satire ‘n sarcasm:

“Next, these here Arches — light them up. Floodlight them, turn on colored, revolving lights — jazz it up, man, it’s dead.  Light up the whole place, all night long, get on a 24-hour shift, keep them coming (tourists), keep them moving, you got two hundred million people out there waiting to buy your product — is this a free country or what the hell is it?”

See why I love Ed?  And satire?

Trouble is, I’m wondering when some mutant SOB (Satan Of Brightness), deep within the bowels of the National Park Service, will read Ed’s words and say, “Hey, let’s do it!” Scary!  Just plain scary!

LISTEN: the dark sky orgs and astromagazines will never lessen light pollution by one percent!  NEVER!

Why?  Because they must never speak of the real cause ‘n cure for light pollution. It’s forbidden! Might ruffle feathers of those contributing the $$$ to keep them afloat.

Don't rock the boat. Sink the sucker!

Don’t rock the boat.
Sink the sucker!

Their methods and messages treat the symptom, not the disease – industrial civilization – or as Ol’ Cactus Ed called it, Syphilization!.  They are based on the false assumption that we can not, dare not, must not, will not…rock the boat, harm the status quo, defy the conservative / liberal lifestyle, the R and D duopoly, and their Maim$tream Grow Or Die (GOD) religion – Manifest Destiny / Crapitalust Dictator-ship of Fools!

Their impotent philosophy dare not derail the omnipotent $hame-ber of Commerce engine of economic development; must keep it chuggin’ on down the tracks at full throttle-up!

But, deep down inside, everyone knows (and so do you), the only real solution to light pollution is a cure for the disease.  The Only Solution to Light Pollution is to Eliminate Lights that Desecrate Nights!  To that end and cure, I offer my Bright Solution to Light Pollution, NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance and my Moonlight Revolution.

NLO! Nature’s Lighting Ordinance!  and the Moonlight Revolution!  Make it so!

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