Dark Sky Initiative

A Bright Solution to Light Pollution

NLO! Make It So!

Last changed:  Friday, 01-08-16.  Big Changes are Coming Soon!


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There are only two ways to lessen light pollution.

1. Use less light at night    2. ELIMINATE CIVILIZATION!   Choose.

If you chose number 2 – Eliminate Civilization – let’s leave it for now as the last resolution to light pollution.  But know this: I will return to it.

Let’s start with choice 1 – Use less light at night – with a little light humor. It’s hard to make light of light pollution, but let me focus a few photons of funniness on the fuss and fury!

My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy, and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, overhead, clearly visible, with liberty from bright light for all.

Bulb Dimmer, guaranteed to dim bulbs and darken skies.

Bulb Dimmer, guaranteed to dim bulbs and darken skies.

To make a Moonlight Revolution you’ll need my patented Bulb Dimmer.

For only $19.95 you can have your own Bulb Dimmer.  Oh, the fun you’ll have running about city and town, farm, field, ‘n forest, dimming bulbs!

Why, you’ll purge the scourge of light pollution, you’ll save the Milky Way, and people in your community will sleep like logs, old dogs, and babies, out like a light!


Order now and you’ll get two Bulb Dimmers for the price of one – shipping FREE!

With two BDs you’ll dim your way across community, county, country, and continent, eliminating lights desecrating nights!

WHEW!  Alright, back to reality.

Imagine your community being the first to adopt NLO, Nature’s Lighting Ordinance, using the Moonlight Revolution!

If you can imagine change, you can Make It So!  More is coming.