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Stargeezer Jack at my telescope circa 1985.

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My Dark Sky Pledge

I pledge devotion to the stars of the majestic Milky Way Galaxy, and to a dark night sky in which they shine; one cosmos, overhead, clearly visible, with liberty from bright light for all.

Good day. I’m Jack Troeger, AKA Dark Sky Guy, Dark Sky Knight, STARGEEZER Jack. I have no memory of not being a stargazer. Upon stumbling into my 6-0s, I became a stargeezer. My license plates read STARGZR (Stargeezer) and DKSKYGY (Dark Sky Guy).

Stargeezer.  Photo by G. V.

1991 Camry Dark Sky Guy. Photo by G. V.

Flyoverland Iowa  Photo: P. Capper

Flyoverland Iowa    P. Capper

Flyoverland Iowa at night.  Find Ames?  NASA

Flyoverland Iowa at night. Can you find the state?  NASA

I live in Iowa, a place often called Flyoverland, the most environmentally altered state in the vast Empire called the US of A. Iowa, where 99.9% of the state has been developed, converted, assimilated, assassinated, murdered, maimed, mangled, massacred, mutilated, butchered, slaughtered, tortured by corporate Big Ag — the Monsantos, Cargills, Duponts, Pioneers, Dows, Deeres, Tysons, and oh, so many others!

Iowa’s air stinks!  Iowa’s water is poisoned! Iowa’s soil is dead – D-E-A-D – soaked with chemicals and poisons and forced to grow monocraps (sic) of corn and beans – Feedin’ the World as the Farm Bureau keeps telling us. Truth:  Poisonin’ and Pollutin’ the Planet!

Sunrise over native Iowa prairie.  B. Morrison

Sunrise over native Iowa prairie. All of Iowa once looked like this.  Beautiful, eh?  Photo by B. Morrison

Only one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of Iowa remains native, pristine prairie — ONLY 56 square miles out of 56,000 square miles of Flyoverland — a tiny chunk of rectangular real estate seven by eight miles on a side!  A dollop of land likely smaller than the community you live in!

Sadly, painfully, not one square mile of Iowa lies beneath a pristine, dark night sky!  NOT ONE!  And what’s worse:  I doubt that there are 10 astronomers in the state who actively fight the light that kills the night and starlight!  Prove me wrong!  Make my night!  Prove me wrong!

Ames High / Pohl Memorial Prairie

The Pohl Memorial Prairie

A square mile or so of that native, unplowed prairie remains a half-mile from my home, behind the school where I taught that Earth must be first in things, thoughts, deeds, decisions.  Of course, the local Powers-That-Be (PTB) want the land for development and profit!

My town (population 63,000) and its owners and operators – the PTB – and their Grow Or Die (GOD) philosophy, have assimilated 25 square miles of priceless, once Native Indigenous Land. They have converted it into a horribly light polluted (even though it has a lighting ordinance), constantly flooded, strip-malled and sprawled, corporatized university, Big Box Stored, Fast Fooded, Big Car’d…, Bigger Is Better, More Is Best… town!

People constantly criticize, cavil and carp:  Hey, you old fool, if you hate where you live with such deep and insufferable loathing, why don’t you move somewhere else?  You know, the ever-popular Love It or Leave It, jeremiad!

Front yard prairie. Photo by GV.

Our own front yard prairie. Photo by GV.

I won’t move somewhere else, even though my heart, soul, mind, and body are elsewhere, far, far away.  Iowa is already desecrated, despoiled, destroyed, pillaged, plundered, vandalized, raped by the greedy corporate Big Ag – Big Bidness Boys. The damage is already done here in Flyoverland.  Living here, I cause very little damage.  By living elsewhere, I cause astronomical amounts of damage!

And yes, I fight every single day trying to fix Iowa, save Iowa, improve Iowa – trying to eliminate the lights that desecrate nights. I can’t restore all of Iowa to prairie, but here’s a view of part of our front yard restored to native Iowa prairie plants. Note the Earth Flag! Click on the image to enlarge it.

I fight to eradicate the Farm Bureau – an INSURANCE COMPANY that has little to do with farmers except spreading lies like manure and promoting BIG AG propaganda!!  I fight the corporate goons, cronies and politicians – including Gubner for Life, Terry Brainsdead – who control and dominate the state for PROFIT, not PLANET, not PEOPLE!

Humans love to shoot gunzzzz!  Target Earth?

Humans love to shoot gunzzzz! Target Earth?

BIG AG, the Farm Bureau, Big Chemical, Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Coal, Big… are responsible for shooting Earth daily with deadly bullets!  In a time in America when gunnnzzzzz, gunnings and gunners seem ever more commonplace and homicides are daily occurrences, I worry most about Earth.  Will our relentless Terracide and our daily extinction of 150-200 species soon mark us for EXTINCTION?

How long will we humans strangle Earth for more stuff?  Getty Images

How long will we humans strangle Earth for more stuff? Getty Images

Point is, by living here my lifestyle (deathstyle?) can’t cause much more damage. Living where I prefer to live would cause extensive damage and destruction!

Point-blank:  We humans are a noose around the neck of Earth, and everyday we seem driven to yank and tug it tighter!  

My Earth Credo:  Earth First In Things, Thoughts, Deeds, Decisions.

Who do I honor?  Earth – all who live within, upon, above, around, and beyond Her!  Every single day.

Earth Lives!  I’m proud to be an Earth/Sky Hugger, Jack Hammering light pollution, covering and smothering starlight.  You?

More detailed descriptions of me and who I am:


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